Our Range of Voile Net Curtains - 13th March 2017

Need voile net curtains in any length, to replace your old drapes?

At Home-Drape we have a variety of voile net curtains, to spruce up windows this spring. Voile is a soft sheer material that is a fantastic option for quick and straight-forward re-decorating.

They can be ordered in made-to-measure lengths, and come with many different patterns and designs. Elegant and versatile, net curtains can be used to enhance any space.

With many patterns to choose from, you can bring both style and practicality into your home, with curtains that make the most of the lighter evenings.

Our Made-to-Measure Voile Curtains are available in any drop size up to 230 cm.

Unlike other companies who only offer standard drops, on Home Drape you can order curtains in almost any size, so we can accommodate even the largest windows.

Among our collection of Voile Curtains are these Jasmine curtains decorated with embroidered flowers. This lovely design will bring splashes of colour to your window, making them perfect for a kitchen or bathroom.

Our voile curtains can be dispatched to your home in 3 days. 


Beautiful Sheer Net Curtains - 6th March 2017

Looking for sheer net curtains at incredibly low prices?

Net curtains are a versatile and beautiful choice that will let plenty of light into your home. They are perfect for spring and summer when you want to let the sunshine into your house. They also complement pretty much any interior design scheme, because they’re extremely subtle.

Whether you’re ordering individually or wholesale, Home-Drape is a wonderful place to order sheer net curtains. Our curtains are not only affordable, they can be ordered in any size.  

Our sheer net curtains come in many different styles, including this lovely spring-themed Daisy-Net Curtain that costs only £3.75 per metre. This high-quality design will bring sophistication and elegance to any room. It has a slot top which makes it suitable for a narrow pole, rod or wire.

Currently in our Clearance Sale are these Modern Striped Net Curtains, which start from only 99p. Available in many different drops, they are both highly affordable and can match any window.

We also have these Yellow Daffodil Café Net Curtains that are perfect for spring.

We offer a free UK delivery on all orders over £100. 


Gorgeous But Affordable Lace Curtains - 27th February 2017

Light, floaty, diaphanous…

Lace curtains, otherwise known as ‘net curtains’, have been the de rigueur for generations of homeowners. They are not only attractive but let in plenty of light, are beautiful and extremely affordable.

Net curtains are a brilliant alternative to blinds, that can often look too commercial or be fiddly to adjust. Lace curtains never go out of fashion and suit pretty much any room in the house. No other fabric is so airy and light, making it ideal for any season. Even the gloomy days of mid-winter!

At Home Drape, we sell a range of highly affordable lace and voile curtains, which can be measured to fit your exact requirements.

With prices to suit any budget, you’ll never struggle to enhance your windows. We offer ten to eleven standard drops and completely FREE alterations, so if you don’t see your drop, we will shorten it from the next highest size.

Our designs are sold by the metre and can be dispatched to your home within 3 days. With prices starting from less than £1.00, you won’t be left out of pocket this winter.

Browse our range of lace curtains today. 


Looking For Chair Back Covers Online? - 20th February 2017

Could your old chairs benefit from a make-over?

Often a chair’s appearance can be improved simply by changing the back covers. Over the years these inevitably begin to suffer wear more than the rest of the chair.

At Home-Drape, we have a number of chair back covers which can be bought online.

Whether you’re after a cotton background, jacquard fabrics or those with a lace fringe, we have many highly attractive covers for your chairs.

All our chair back covers are extremely affordable, including these Lily Chair Backs, Arm Caps and Runners which is only £3.00. This classic design is the perfect replacement for chairs with a floral theme.

We also have a number of beautiful coloured runners for chair backs from Richmond. Only £2.50 each, these runners are available in beige, gold, burgundy, burnt orange, sage, cream, grey, and mocha. Each one is sold for only £2.50 and can brighten up your chair for the price of a cup of coffee.

If you prefer tapestry designs, consider this Chair Back which features a lace fringe and narrow lace edge.

Why not browse our range of chair covers online?


Made To Measure Voile Curtains - 26th December 2016

It’s that time of year again when we think about making our homes warmer and cosier for the chillier months ahead. Many people look to change their curtains in January, whether it’s to cheer up a room or create a new look for the coming year.

The question is, what fabric will you choose?

If you love the luxury look then voile curtains are both practical and beautiful. This soft, sheer material offers excellent levels of privacy, while making your room look pretty. Light and diaphanous, voile will stop your home being gloomy this January by bringing in plenty of sun.

It gives your window semi-transparent qualities. Many of our voiles are embroidered with stunning designs, all of which are exclusive to our company.

Made of 100% polyester, the word ‘voile’ comes from the French for ‘veil’.

All our voile curtains are made-to-measure, so whether you have a tiny cottage window or a large bay window, Home Drape can help. Unlike other websites, our voile curtains can be made to finish any drop size up to 230 cm, and any width.

Why not explore our range of voile curtains today?


Our Beautiful Lace and Voile Curtains - 12th December 2016

Want your home to stand out during Christmas this year? How about a brand-new pair of made-to-measure lace curtains?

Whether you have big Georgian windows or tiny cottage windows, having made-to-measure curtains can make all the difference.

If you have a penchant for lace curtains, Home-Drape have a range of beautiful Jacquard Lace Net Curtains.

Lace is one of the most popular traditional materials for curtains, as it’s both beautiful and diaphanous, but also provides good levels of privacy. Although they’re commonly thought of as Victorian, lace curtains have been used for much longer than that. The fact that they never go out of fashion is a testament to their popularity.

Lace curtains will make any window look elegant and sophisticated, with prices to suit all budgets. They come in many different styles, from those decorated with leaves to floral designs and knitted voile.

Our designs are sold by the metre, so are easy to order made-to-measure. We also offer ten to eleven standard drops, and have special drops available on request.

All our jacquard lace curtains are also extremely affordable, with prices starting from £2.55. These lace curtains won’t fray and will make your windows look stunning.